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Technological start-up founded with the aim of offering high-performance and innovative solutions for Industry 4.0. We are determined to participate in the industry's transition towards a borderless and technologically advanced horizon.

We offer you our solutions in a modern, dynamic spirit and in close, customer-oriented cooperation.


We change your ideas into action.

Design, development and construction of your automated equipment, according to your objectives.


Hardware and software solutions.

Development of mechanical, electrical plans, softwares and applications, standard or on request.


Integrating our solutions.

Use our skills in robotics, industrial vision and all other fields to include them in your projects. 

Connected machines

Tracking and tracing

Be informed of the state of your equipment at all the times and have production traceability.

The informations are transmitted to your ERP.

Remote maintenance

Reduce downtime and intervention times thanks to our remote maintenance solutions.

Use of augmented reality to facilitate interventions.

Simple and intuitive interface

Interfaces designed to guide the user and include all help and useful documentation.

Ecological and economic

Energy consumption 

Monitoring and optimisation of energy consumption in order to reduce costs with greater respect for the environment.

Eco-responsible materials

Use of recycled and recyclable materials of various kinds in order to produce quality equipment.

Recycling of equipment 

Recovery and reconditioning of end-of-life equipment.

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We accompany you in the realisation of your assembly machines, form the smallest to the largest components and from the smallest to the largest quantities.

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Quality control 

Systems of vision, measurements, visual and dimensional controls assisted by artificial intelligence.

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Handling and packaging of all types of components (mechanical, electronic and others) of all sizes. 


Watch, Jewellery, Medtech, Eyeglass manufacture.

We also study all proposals from other sectors.

Modern payment solutions

With Industry 4.0, we offer you the most appropriate solutions for your possibilities.

  • Pay per use, pay according to your production.

  • Low initial investment.

  • Rental contract.

  • Maintenance contract.

Invest in a new project without worrying about updates, maintenance and improvements.

A machine always at the top of its performence !

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always first.

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